About Peter

Welcome to Videos and Video Courses

I am committed to bring you the best videos the world has to offer in one convenient location.

I have retired from one successful career helping people and businesses conduct their day to day business. It is my desire to continue on that path of helping people, as individuals. Because of video, there are many avenues to travel. Do you know that more people would rather read a book on video than read the book itself.

I know, right now, you are asking yourself, if that is a true statement, why isn’t this text on video? It is because visitors to this website are allowed to make comments to this post. I am sure that some of you will leave me with valuable information that I may want to include. When I am satisfied that this post is all it can be, I will put it on video.

I have, always, gotten great satisfaction from helping people. Maybe it was changing a flat tire for someone or helping to pay for groceries. This website will give me the opportunity to help many people in many areas.

You are dissatisfied with the status quo. Maybe you are a huge sports fan who doesn’t have access to many sporting events. Maybe you are seeking a promotion and need more information in your area of expertise. The opportunities for enhancement on this website are endless.

All the best,

Peter Yaukey